One of the (many) reasons that I started this blog was to step outside of my comfort zone, specifically in my own personal style. During my regular perusal of fashion magazines and blogs/websites, I find outfits and articles of clothing that I am drawn to. However, when I open my closet doors, I don’t see a lot of that style reflected back. So my hope is that this blog will help me pinpoint my personal style and really streamline my wardrobe to project that style daily.

Another reason for starting this blog is that I truly am passionate about fashion and personal style. I realize that fashion is not saving the world, not curing any diseases. But whether we want to admit it or not, we are all judged on our outward appearance. First impressions are so important and always will be, even in a society that is full of technology and social media. In addition to how we are perceived, I really believe that finding your personal style gives people confidence. Wearing clothes that flatter you makes you feel great about yourself, which in turn reflects in your daily life, your attitude and your work.

If someone asked me today what my dream job would be (taking out risk and money and security factors) I would be a personal stylist, hands down. I think giving someone that gift of discovering who they are and increasing their self-confidence through their style would be so fulfilling. But I don’t have any experience in that. I didn’t major in fashion and have no formal training. So for now, I will start with myself: look at what I put together to wear in the mornings with a critical eye, clean out my closet, be much more selective in what I purchase. It will definitely be a test in discipline: I’m regularly lazy and my shopping habit has always gone the way of “purchase everything that looks good on me for 1.5 seconds that I like.” It’s definitely a fun way to shop and gives you that rewarding shopping rush, but it does not a cohesive wardrobe make.

So I’m on my way to re-styling myself. Should be fun.