After the crazy winter that swept over the country this year, everyone is ready for spring. One of the many perks of living in Texas is that spring comes in rather quickly for us. We are already experiencing 70-80 degree days. It’s lovely and makes me yearn for margaritas on a patio, strappy sandals, brighter colors and lighter fabrics.

Discussion of fashion’s spring trends can be found everywhere and to be honest, I’m just not a fan of this year’s crop. None of the trends are really grabbing me. Of course, a trend by definition is a fleeting fad so there’s nothing that says I have to adopt any of them. In fact, the best way to adopt trends is to pick up one or two that really fit with your personal style and never combine multiple trends in one outfit.

The 70’s are back for spring in a big way. This is just not me. My blog title, Classically Chic, really defines my style and I feel like 70’s fashion is the complete opposite of that. Some people can absolutely rock this trend – Rachel Zoe is a great example. High-waisted, super-flare pants and ultra-flowy, guazy tops look great on her sinewy body, but they miss the mark on my petite, curvy frame.

However, in a study of contradictions, I recently ordered these shoes from Banana Republic:

I spotted them in my sprint through Banana Republic and they caught my eye. Not having time to try them on in the store, I ordered them online. They have yet to arrive so the final verdict is still up in the air. They definitely have a 70’s vibe to them – the chunky platform and heel and the “open clog” style. I foresee wearing these with casual skirts and dresses for a step-up from casual. I’m pretty sure they will never be featured in the same outfit as my recent wide-leg Joe’s Jeans purchase – that would make for a bonafide 70’s outfit. So in true trend-adoption, I’m picking up a little piece of this trend and will (try to) fit it into my personal style.

Other big trends for spring:

COLOR. Bold, bright, saturated hues. Designers are showing this color-blocked: a bright, cerulean blouse with a mustard yellow skirt. Or maybe vibrant purple pants with an emerald green top. This is a daring trend. I envy, and applaud, people who have the confidence to pull this off. After all, finding your personal style is about taking risks.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, another trend is monochromatic, muted outfits. I actually don’t consider this a trend. Putting together a monochromatic outfit is a sophisticated look that withstands the test of time. The muted (read: creams, beiges, camel) color palette is the fresh twist on this. We’ve been wearing all-black outfits for years – it’s flattering and easy. But a muted color palette is just as flattering, as long as you find the right colors for your skin tone. All one color keeps everything streamlined. Another trick to this trend: try for different textures in the pieces so that your outfit has dimension.

What other spring trends have you spotted? Any that you know you will be incorporating into your wardrobe?