Part of my mission in my personal style blog is to challenge and refine my own style. With that in mind, I put a little extra thought into what I would wear today before I went to bed last night and am pretty pleased with the result.

It may not be the most daring outfit, but for me, I have never paired these 3 items together. I have owned each of these pieces for at least a year, if not more. So, mission accomplished, for today at least. In my typical fashion rut, I usually pair the skirt with a brown top or a muted blue top, so this time I went wild with hot pink. (See what I did there? Wild – and I’m wearing animal print! Come on, you have to make yourself laugh.) I toned down the shocking pink hue with the soft taupe-y color of the cardigan,which also coordinated nicely with the colors in the animal print skirt without full-on matching. Plus, the near-80-degree temps of last week have disappeared and left us instead with high 60’s, dreary and rainy days, creating the perfect setting for boots minus tights.

I know not every new combination that I come up with will work. But this one certainly made me smile. It’s an outfit anyone can pull off – it’s not specific to one body type. It was appropriate for work but could also work on a girls’ day of lunching, shopping and champagne.

Now, I don’t expect this blog to become an everyday outfit documentation of me; I certainly don’t think I am the most stylish or creative in my looks. But I do want it to be a discussion area of personal style for everyday women. So my challenge to you is to get up tomorrow and step out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just an inch out of your circle, and put together something unexpected. Let me know what new combination you create!