I recently read an article with Oscar de la Renta, one of my favorite fashion designers. I dream about one day having the opportunity and money to wear one of his amazing ball gowns. Mr. de la Renta’s creations define “classically chic” for me. He always works with classic silhouettes – a ball gown, a tailored suit, pants and a top – but always makes them fresh, modern and oh-so-elegant.

What really stuck out to me in the article was a quote from Mr. de la Renta. At the end of the interview, he offered a piece of advice to women everywhere: “When in doubt, take it off.” It seems like such a simple piece of advice but it really resonated with me. So many times we try to make a piece of clothing work, whether it’s a trend we convince ourselves we should be wearing, or an article of clothing already in our closet that doesn’t fit anymore or simply because we’re trying to fit an image in our head. But if it doesn’t make us feel great or we’re just not sure, we need to just cut ourselves a break and take it off. Style and the image we exude should make us feel great and confident. It’s not worth our time to “make something work.”

My goal for this week is to practice this mentality when getting dressed in the mornings. I think it will make my day a little brighter and my attitude much better.