Over the weekend, my hubby and I watched The Tourist with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. We both enjoyed the movie – it reminded me a bit of old, classic Hollywood movies. It was visually gorgeous and there was only one storyline, albeit with a twist. I, of course, was enamored with Angelina’s wardrobe and make-up.

Her wardrobe was elegant and glamorous: my favorite being a cream-colored sheath dress with a matching wrap, nude shoes and opera-length gloves all accented by a coral colored sash worn as a belt trailing in the back. Nothing she wore was over-the-top, even the black evening gown she wore to the ball.

Her make-up played along the same vein. At one point she wore minimal make-up other than a classic red lip. (And we all know Angelina is known for her lips.) During the ball scene, her eyes were done up in bronzes and browns for a light, smoky eye.

Angelina’s attire throughout the film seemed like a modern-day interpretation of old Hollywood glam. It definitely has me thinking about what I have in my closet that exudes that sort of glamour. If I happen to stumble across the perfect piece(s) in my closet to re-create my own Angelina Jolie glamour, I will definitely share!

P.S. I wanted to post a picture or two from the movie but my computer is dying a very slow death and makes doing almost anything impossible. That also explains my sporadic posting of late. I may speed up the computer’s death in a day or two by throwing it through a wall. Stay tuned.