So I forgot to update about my Belmont Open Clogs that I ordered online from Banana Republic. They came in and got stuck in the closet for a good week during a cleaning spree. Earlier this week, I pulled them out to try them on. I was so excited and convinced they would be my new spring shoe. The verdict? Not good. Just not for me. I still fully believe these are cute shoes and very “now.” But they just didn’t work on me. They were super tall and chunky all over. They just didn’t flatter my legs. Of course, we’re all our own worst critic, but I attributed it to my hourglass (okay, pear) shape. There are a lot of things I love about my body shape, but considering that I carry most of my weight in my curvy backside and hips, adding chunkiness to my feet just didn’t flatter me. And as I’ve said in earlier posts, finding your personal style is all about dressing for you. These weren’t for me. I hope someone else out there loves these! I would love to see pics of how everyday, stylish women wear these.

On another note, I am planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe in June for 10 days. I am beyond excited. It’s a girls’ trip with my mom and some very dear friends. On the top of my mind is what to pack. Call me shallow, but I will not go to Paris and Italy looking fuddy-duddy. I want to be stylish and updated but still pack efficiently. A few things on my mental packing list…..

  • A few more skirts (I don’t want to wear jeans or shorts – no need to scream “tourist”), so I plan on packing comfy and cute dresses and skirts. Plus, I have noticed that I really don’t like the majority of skirts in my closet anymore, so finding some new options is imperative.
  • Some comfortable shoes. Not planning on wearing tennis shoes  – see the note above about not being an obvious tourist. I purchased a pair of Cole Haan flats with Nike Air technology, but am worried about them rubbing on my heels, so maybe I need some comfy, flat strappy sandals.
  • A cross-body bag – stylish and functional.

I think this list will keep me occupied for the next few months. I’ve got a local shopping trip planned when my BFF comes in town next weekend and I plan to shop smart: focus on this list – the things I need – and I need to stick to some sort of a budget. Should make some for some interesting blog updates.

Have a stylish Easter weekend!