Yes, I know, I have already fallen off the blog-wagon. I know no one likes to read a blog that is rarely updated, so I promise to try harder. My lack of blogging comes down to a few different excuses: a computer that is sometimes working but sometimes on the fritz, evening commitments and just plain laziness. But I started this blog to write regularly so I will get better. As Bob learned from Dr. Marvin in What About Bob?: babysteps (it was on HBO this past weekend). My “babysteps” goal moving forward is going to be to post 3 times a week. Once I get into that habit, maybe I can increase it.

So on to fashion talk…(that’s why we all checked in here, right?)

Two weekends ago I was at a trunk show and visiting with one of my best friends. She announced that she been creating “theme weeks” at work. Basically, she chose a theme for each week, like animal print or stripes, and had to wear an outfit each day of the week that fell into that theme. How fun!

So Lindsey, I’m stealing your idea! I decided that this week is dress week. Yes, that’s probably pretty easy, but I prefer to ease into a challenge, especially on a Monday. Although, if I’m being honest, there is one little detail that goes into wearing dresses that will be a bigger challenge for me: shaving my legs. No one likes to do it but it will have to be done a lot this week.

Today I wore a dress from Banana Republic that I have had for a few years. It’s cream and navy with some fun celestial-like patterns on it. It’s a cap-sleeve, v-neck with a banded near-empire waist. I adore this dress. It’s comfy and oh-so-flattering.

Anyone want to join me for dress week? Today can be a free day, sort of like a 4-day week.

Okay, I’m off to shave my legs.