Well, the hubby and I have a new addition in the house: a brand new laptop. We had been living with an OLD laptop for so long that we forgot that a normal computer doesn’t freeze up every 10 minutes or run at a snail’s pace. Because of that, we are enamored with our new, swanky machine. Hopefully this will encourage me to blog more. (Blogging on the old laptop was a long, frustrating and often impossible feat.)

So…let’s get down to business. In today’s economy, there seems to be a constantly revolving line of job-hunters. (Thankfully, I don’t fall into that category. I am happy at my current job and there is lots of growth on the horizon.) I recently had a discussion with some girlfriends about what to wear to an interview nowadays. When I first graduated from TCU, my Grandma (who has a fantastic fashion sense) took me shopping for a conservative black suit from Ann Taylor. At the time, that was what every job-seeker did.

But in the 8(!) years since I graduated, style has evolved and changed. The majority of modern companies have a business casual dress code and rarely does anyone wear a true matchy-matchy suit. (And no offense to her, but Hillary Clinton has instilled a fear of the matchy-matchy matronly suit in women.)

When one of my girlfriends asked for help on what to wear to her upcoming interview, it took me a few minutes, but then it struck me. Based on her style, I recommended she check out the Antonio Melani section at Dillard’s. My mom and I have frequented this specific section many times. Their clothes are updated, classic and work-appropriate. Think Kim Raver’s character in the now-defunct Lipstick Jungle.

My new rules for a suit?

1. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a suit.

2. A well-fitting skirt and blouse work just as well.

3. If you really feel like you need to wear a suit, the jacket and skirt (or pants) don’t have to match! Black pants and a vibrant-colored blouse under an oatmeal-colored jacket would look stunning and professional.

4. No hose needed. Not anymore. And always wear appropriate shoes: pointed-toe pumps always look best for a business professional appearance.

Browsing on Dillards.com, I found a few selections from Antonio Melani that I would absolutely consider for an interview (or other big work-related event when business casual just doesn’t cut it):

Antonio Melani "Wren" blouse & "Elin" skirt

Antonio Melani "Astrid" jacket, "Vera" knit top & "Brett" pencil skirt

What are your thoughts on my selections? What would you wear to your next interview?

All images courtesy of Dillards.com. WordPress is not cooperating with me tonight, so if the formatting is whack, I apologize.