One of my great fashion loves is belts: wide, skinny, black, brown or any color under the sun. I love a structured belt just as much as a stretchy belt (not like Peg Bundy – stretchy belts have come a long way). Every morning as I pick out my clothes for the day, I try to put together an outfit that involves a belt. More often than not, it doesn’t work out. They are a fickle accessory that really has to fit perfectly with the overall fit of whatever else you’re wearing.

I’m starting to determine what I’m going to pack for my European girls’ trip. I am dying to pack a belt to wear as much as I can. The French and Italian are both very stylish, sophisticated people and I feel like a belt always ups the ante when worn correctly. I want to look effortlessly sophisticated on my trip and I just know a belt would be the perfect piece to achieve that style. It could be the accessory to make me look posh without packing a boatload of other accessories. Of course, there is the whole other effort of how to pack efficiently so I don’t drag too heavy a suitcase throughout my travels. So I’m still not sure whether a belt will make it into my suitcase. I think once I start laying out potential clothes to pack, then weeding out unneccesary items, the answer of whether a belt is the perfect addition or just more space and weight in my suitcase will become clear.

Stay tuned for my major belt decision (oh, life is hard 😉 ). Do you love belts as much as I do? What’s the one accessory that you can’t get enough of?