People in fashion often speak about the “effortless, Parisien style” that French women have. On my first visit to Paris 10 years ago, I was not as observant about fashion so I didn’t really pay attention. I also didn’t fall in love with the city like everyone else. This trip was different. I LOVED Paris and everything it had to offer: the architecture, the history, the culture, the food and wine and the style. The entire city emanated style. This time I was much more aware of the Parisien style, seeing as how I’m in the middle of my own style journey.

Parisien women really do look effortlessly chic. There were 3 consistent things I noticed about the local style: 1. blazers 2. scarves 3. darker, muted colors. Even though it was mid-June, the weather for the 2 days we were there was chilly – overcast and hovering in the 70’s – so the blazers and scarves were perfectly appropriate. My traveling buddies and I stumbled on some boutiques on the Left Bank that were local and affordable. I immediately started on a quest to find a blazer. I do already have one blazer in my wardrobe – it’s black with a fantastic dark magenta silk lining and reminds me of a shrunken-tuxedo jacket (purchased from my dear friend Leslie at Dress Shop). But as I watched Parisien women, I realized how versatile blazers really were and knew I needed more than one.

And voila! I found a great one at one of the local Left Bank boutiques. It’s navy, but not a dark navy, it almost skews a little dark denim color. It’s lightweight and has a floral lining.


Love the little details – trim on the sleeves and the collar. The French salesgirl popped the collar a bit in the back when I tried it on. We’ll have to wait and see if I can master that on my own.







I realize that I won’t get much wear out of it for the next few months since we’re hitting the 100 degree mark, but I love it and know that I’ll get lots of wear out of it for years to come. It’s like my own little bit of Paris.

Are you inspired by Parisien style? Or maybe another country and/or culture?