A new season of Project Runway premieres tonight on Lifetime. I know there are many critics of the show who say that it’s run it’s course, but I still love it. I am fascinated by the sheer talent of the competitors who take fabric or any type of material they are thrown and create fashion.

Another large part of the appeal of “Runway” are the judges, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, and host, Tim Gunn. I adore everything about Tim Gunn. To me, he is the epitome of class. He always looks dashing and is a true mentor to the competitors. Tim Gunn is the type of celebrity who is truly an expert in his field and we never see him in the press for scandalous behavior.

One of the many things I love about Tim Gunn (his is the kind of name that sounds best when you say both the first and last name) is his passion for style. I read a great interview with him today on Shine on Yahoo. His consistent message about style is to present your best self: dress for your body type; dress classy and sophisticated; take care of your clothes. I 100% agree with his philosophy and truly believe that he has shaped my thoughts on personal style. I believe that presenting your best self everyday improves your confidence, which in turn improves your success and your attitude. I think if we all tried to follow Tim Gunn’s advice everyday, we would see less “trashy” and “cheap” clothing.

What do you think of Tim Gunn? Will you be watching Project Runway this season on Lifetime?