Today was the beginning of my work-week, thanks to a few days off for a family vacation in California. I came back refreshed and ready to dive in. I knew that today would be busy, with a 3-hour training scheduled first thing this morning and then just playing catch up. But I knew I needed to go in productive and energetic so I got up and worked out this morning. When I was ready to get dressed, I was hoping to put together a new combination.

I came up with an idea in my head and executed. It worked well at first glance, so I went with it. As the day went on and I caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror at work, my enthusiasm for my new outfit combination waned. My initial goal was to look professional and updated since I would be crossing paths with a lot of upper management today. I’m a big believer in the slogan “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Plus, I just really think it’s important to always look your best at work. But I think the outcome was more “stereotypical librarian dowdy/way older than 30” than “stylish professional.”

I’m not completely throwing in the towel on this outfit, though. I really like mixing in the light gray and white striped cardigan with the cornflower blue top. However, I think my choice of belt is what really failed the entire outfit. It looks outdated and belts don’t fit me well when worn on my hips. I may give it a try again sometime with a wide, black belt sitting higher up on my waist (my preferred way to wear belts to best flatter my figure) and maybe even with the blue shirt untucked. So we’ll see.

I did try to give it a more updated feel with my choice of shoes and necklace. The shoes are tall, platform pumps with a bit of an almond-toe as opposed to a pointy-toe. And the necklace is a mix of lucite and thick silver chains:

I love this necklace and wear it often. It did help update the outfit a bit but couldn’t save it.

As I’ve said before, I read a lot of fashion blogs and troll a lot of high-fashion websites. I really admire the normal (read: not celebs) individuals who create totally unique, creative and edgy outfits. But I find that a lot of those outfits are way out of my comfort zone and are not realistic for everyday life, at least not in my world. I’m just an everyday fashionista, trying to perfect her “classically chic” style. Some days are hits and some are misses. I’m hoping for a hit tomorrow.

Have you had any fashion “misses” lately?