Today was the first day back to school for districts all over our state. I was one of those kids who loved the first day of school: the possibilities of a new year, brand new school supplies and, most importantly, a brand new outfit! Of course, there was always a plethora of new clothes for a new school year but I always put extra thought and attention into my first day of school outfit.

Of course, now as an adult, there are less “first days,” unless you count job changes, which don’t happen that frequently. So today I decided to play like it was my first day of school and built an outfit (or two) for it. (Apparently as a child I was really into playing pretend and often started my adventures by saying “play like….”) Even though this is pretend, I did built some parameters. I picked out items that would be in my normal budget today, unlike the super cute $350 Tory Burch skirt I saw on one site. That’s out of my price range today, so it’s out of my price range in this scenario. I also made myself use a few items from my closet today, because again, I don’t have an unlimited budget. I did create a little flexibility for the sake of pretend: I put together an outfit that I would wear today without actually specifying a grade. Obviously, I am going to dress differently than a 12-year-old or a 17-year-old (thank goodness)!

So I started my outfit around a new purchase I made this weekend: a new belt.

You probably already know that I LOVE belts. I purchased this from my dear friend Leslie who owns Dress Shop in Austin, TX. This belt will get a ton of wear.

The next piece I decided to incorporate from my own closet is a pair of nude chunky sandals that I’ve had for a few years from Banana Republic.

These pretty much go with everything.

And then I let myself do some virtual shopping. Based on these options, I started searching for an A-line skirt, preferably in a mustard color. Yellow has been a big trend for spring and summer and I think the mustard color is a great way to transition between summer and fall. This is what I decided on:

Garden skirt from JCrew

It may be a little more green-ish, but it fits what I was looking for. And it’s currently on sale for $39.99 – WHAT?! Nice find. For the top, I decided to go a little casual but still classic:

Instant Classic Tee from Anthropologie

It’s hard to tell on just a computer screen if the colors would work together, but I think they might. This tee is priced at $68.

While I was searching, I found some back-up pieces before I settled on the two above, so I created a second first day of school outfit. Or I guess it could just be my second day of school outfit.

AK Anne Klein Tab Sleeve Animal Print Shirt from Nordstrom

High Waist Border Skirt from The Limited

The top is $89 and the skirt is $69. This works so well for the neutral, monochromatic trend that is in right now and the animal print is another great transition to fall. Animal print has been big for several consecutive years now but apparently it’s even bigger for fall.

So, put both outfits with my shoes and new belt, and you’ve got my first (and second) day of school outfits. I would finish it all off with gold jewelry.

So now it’s your turn: play like it’s your first day of school and tell me what you would wear. You don’t have to be as specific as I was if you don’t want, just a general idea.

Were you a nerd like me who loved the the first day of school?

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