I’m pretty sure everyone across the country is ready for fall. This has been a super-hot summer and I’m over the heat. Plus, I’ve always loved fall clothing and the season in general.

I got to start a little of my fall shopping this past weekend. We were in Austin for a special family event, so my mom and I stopped by Dress Shop (you may remember me mentioning the belt I purchased that I built my pretend first day of school outfit). I also picked up a fabulous blazer. I love jackets of all types and blazers are at the top of the list for me. Check it out:

It’s a versatile gray, right in between heather and charcoal. Obviously, a gray blazer will go with anything and everything. But it’s the little details that set this one apart. The end of the sleeves and the collar are accented in a cool gold chain material.

The gold chain detail is just enough to make it unique and different without being too over-the-top. Love.

So, my fall shopping has commenced. However, this year, I’m trying to shop smarter. I tend to buy everything that I can afford that looks remotely good on me, whether it fits into my current wardrobe. This results in a lot of money spent and a stuffed-full closet of which I only wear 50%. And clothes that I later discover don’t look that great on me. To help combat this, I’ve made a fall shopping list:

I’m going to work hard to stick to this list. That doesn’t leave me a lot of shopping freedom, but it does help me in my quest to buy better quality pieces that I will wear the heck out of. I’ll need my regular shopping buddies (my mom, Philene, Jessica) to help me stick to it. Friends don’t let friends over-buy.

What’s on your fall shopping list?