Lately I have found myself over-thinking my outfits. I think it’s from perusing so many fashion and style blogs and industry websites. I see normal people who are dressed in the coolest, edgiest, most unique outfits and for some reason, I think I can dress like that, too. I find myself desperately trying to mix colors and patterns and come up with a whole new combination. Can I add a jacket or cardigan? Should I belt it, too? Do I have on enough necklaces? Is my stack of bracelets high enough? (And yes, that internal dialogue occurs all for one outfit.)

And yet last week, after blogging about my pretend first day of school outfit, I knew that I really wanted to wear the brown belt that I purchased from Dress Shop. Glancing through my closet that morning before work, I wasn’t feeling very inspired, so I pulled out a green skirt that I’ve had forever and paired it with a white button-down. Yes, a white button-down is considered a classic must-have for every woman, but to me it screamed “boring.” Until I put it on.

I LOVED this outfit. It was such a good reminder to dress for yourself. My style is classically chic and I think this fit that description to a T. No, it’s not edgy or completely unique, but I’m definitely not edgy. It flattered me and made me feel confident and well-put-together all day long. It was also a great reminder that less is more; sometimes simple is better. And to always edit instead of adding more.

What classic stand-by in your closet fits your style to a T? And do you have problems editing your outfits like me?