Yes, I’m doing another “let’s play pretend” post. Why not? It’s the start of a glorious 3-day weekend with nothing planned (which is exactly what I wanted) so let’s live a little. If you could choose one designer to live with you, design custom clothes just for you and dress you everyday, who would it be?

I choose Michael Kors. I think it’s fair to say that my affinity for him first grew out of my love for Project Runway. His personality shines through on the show – he’s hilariously snarky but always speaks the truth. After enjoying him on the first few seasons however long ago that was, I began to take notice of his clothes. He creates incredibly stylish yet classic, polished pieces. Whether it’s a dress or separates, his clothes exude clean lines and an elegant sense of minimalism, but they are never boring or frumpy. Kors is clearly classically chic.

So in my little make-believe world, I would love to have him dress me everyday. You just can’t go wrong if you are decked like this everyday:

MICHAEL Michael Kors striped sweater & double-breasted jacket

MICHAEL Michael Kors drop-shoulder cardigan & crewneck sheath dress

MICHAEL Michael Kors snake-print wrap dress

MICHAEL Michael Kors sequin-stripe top & deconstructed chinos

All of the above are from his MICHAEL Michael Kors line, sold at Nordstrom, Dillard’s and Michael Kors boutiques. I appreciate a high fashion designer who creates an affordable line without sacrificing the quality and style he is known for. (When I say affordable, I’m not referring to H&M or Forever 21 affordable. I’m talking about quality, designer pieces that fall under the $300 range.)

Who would be your live-in designer?

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