September issues of my fashion magazines are by far my favorite. They are chock full of new clothes, outfit ideas and glamorous ads. For whatever reason, September and the start of fall feel like a fresh start on fashion. I recently finished my September InStyle and read it cover to cover. One of the regular InStyle features that I love is their “Impress forLess” column, where they ask a famous stylist to put together an outfit where all items included are under $100. Now obviously, an outfit that contains 5-6 items, even if they are all under $100, can add up pretty quickly, but it’s really the concept here that I enjoy. Basically, the reader is shown how to put together a very current, trendy outfit based on pieces they might already have or that fall into their budget. I was particularly impressed with the outfit featured in this issue by stylist Jessica Paster:

This is an outfit that I think is very “now” and also very unique. I wouldn’t consider this work-appropriate – I don’t think shorts in a standard office environment are ever appropriate. But it’s great for shopping or drinks with friends, or even a casual party or date night. In case you can’t make out all the details, it’s a blazer paired with a top and velvet shorts, finished off with tights and open-toe booties. Some gold jewelry, a structured cross-body bag and foxy fedora complete the look. It’s perfect for those chilly fall days where you need some coverage but not a parka and wool pants. In addition to the tights and blazer, the fact that the shorts are velvet keep you from looking like you landed in the wrong season. I don’t own any fall-type shorts but I may add them to my fall shopping list. What a fun alternative to a skirt.

What are your thoughts on this outfit? Would you wear this?