I read an article recently on Stylelist by a blogger. Her article was about stocking up her fall wardrobe on the cheap. She completed her fall wardrobe at only two stores: Target and Kohl’s. I have to say, I was a little shocked by that. Although I don’t live on a celebrity’s budget, I’ve never been good at mixing low-priced pieces into my wardrobe. My “high” is Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Nordstrom. I’ve never been a bargain shopper and am not good about digging through sale racks and was always raised to buy quality, so at best, my “low” is Ann Taylor Loft.

Reading her article made me think. I don’t know a thing about this woman, but based on the title next to her name and the fact that she was guest writing on a large fashion-related website, I assume she makes a lot more money than me. So maybe it’s worth hitting up Target and even Kohl’s more often to search out some fashionable treasures. I still really believe in investing in quality, classic pieces that will withstand the test of time, but maybe this is a good way to bulk up my wardrobe and pepper in some fun items without breaking the bank. Although I’m not sure how I would cope with going up two sizes as she mentions in the article. I know that I’m never supposed to pay attention to sizing and just purchase what flatters me, but it would still be a blow to my confidence.

So before writing this, I did a quick search on Target.com to see if I spied anything cute. I didn’t get far as there were way too many pages to scroll through, but two pieces did catch my eye:


Converse One Star Women's Mascon Stripe Tee

Mossimo Women's Cowl Neck Dress

The sweater dress would be great with a belt, tights and boots. And the top looks flattering and casual with enough style to not be boring and sloppy. And they were both under $50, so there’s the big plus.

So we’ll see. I may try to be more open-minded and scour these lower-end stores that I typically snub my nose at. I definitely can’t do it on a fat day, though, because going down two sizes while I’m already vulnerable will not make for a happy ending.

Are you good at mixing high and low, whatever those standards are to you? Do you find inexpensive fashion gems at Target, Kohl’s or other places?

Clothing images pulled from target.com.