I’m typically behind on my DVR. I record a lot of shows and then watch them weeks after they air. Over the weekend, I started on the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project. I will admit that before she came out with a show, I was not a fan of Rachel. I believed a lot of the rumors that I read about her. But I became a huge fan of hers once her show started and have never looked back!

I love the fact that Rachel is unapologetically passionate about fashion. And it’s truly admirable that she has created a highly successful business from her passion.She has an eye for style and works incredibly hard for her success.

On the season premiere, I noticed Rachel was wearing a fantastic Chanel jacket in a mix of black, white and gray. It reminded me of a Chanel-inspired jacket in my own closet that I don’t wear enough. (I wish I could say it was an actual Chanel jacket but I’m a normal girl so I can’t afford that kind of thing.) I loved the jacket when I saw it but once I purchased it, always worried that it was to frilly. But I was inspired by Rachel in her Chanel jacket and built an outfit around it. I went for an all-black silhouette underneath, paired with some chunky pumps. I added one of my favorite statement necklaces and a chain-link gunmetal bracelet to keep the outfit from being too soft.

The icing on the cake? I went into a meeting this morning and one of the ladies in the meeting commented on my “Chanel jacket.” Mission accomplished.

Are you a fan of Rachel Zoe? How would you keep this jacket from looking too prim and proper?