I recently read a brief interview on Glamour.com with Christian Louboutin, he of the gorgeous, yet expensive, red-soled shoes. Like most women, I love shoes and hope to one day own a pair of Louboutins. (I fully acknowledge that’s probably a pipe dream – I’m not sure that shoes at that price point will ever be in my budget.) Mr. Louboutin declared that the one perfect shoe every woman must own was the classic round-toe pump.

Hmmm. I certainly don’t want to argue since he is the expert on shoes, but I have always preferred a pointy-toe pump. I love the look of a streamlined, tailored pant finished off with a pointy-toe pump. I think it creates the illusion of a long line, which lengthens and slims. And let’s face it – don’t we all want to be lengthened and slimmed?

Just for fun, I did a quick search on Piperlime.com to look at a few pumps. (If you’re not shoe shopping on Piperlime, get on board! They have a huge selection of on-trend shoes at all price points and have recently added super stylish clothes and jewelry.) This is the perfect example, to me, of a classic pump:

Ivanka Trump Gurdia

However, I did look at some round-toe pumps, too. I think I would opt for what I call the almond-toe pump – a toe somewhere in between round and pointy. This one caught my eye immediately:

Ivanka Trump Pinkish

This would look chic and updated with a dress or skirt.

Side note – Ivanka Trump’s line of shoes is fantastic. Both of these were selling for $120-125 – a great price for classic pumps that will last for years.

Do you prefer pointy-toed or round-toe pumps? Any particular reason why?

Images pulled from Piperlime.com.