One of the top up-and-coming trends that keeps popping up everywhere is the tuxedo slipper. It’s a preppy shoe that is riding on the coat-tails of the boat shoe. Personally, it’s not really my cup of tea. The styles that I’ve seen so far just remind me of old-school house shoes. All I think of when I see them is Hugh Hefner spending 24/7 in his silk pajamas and slippers (oh how I miss The Girls Next Door). However, I recently came across a collection of them in Glamour and was pleasantly surprised.

I can see these paired with some cuffed jeans, a well-fitting white tee and a navy blazer for a pulled together casual day look. Maybe it’s the animal print that takes them away from “house shoe” territory for me. I’m still not sure if I will embrace this trend but if I did, it would definitely be with a pair of these.

What do you think of the tuxedo slipper trend? If you were going to wear these, what would you pair them with?