On Sunday, my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We treated ourselves to a huge, fantastic dinner at an upscale restaurant in town. I pulled out a dress that I hadn’t worn in a while – I’ve always considered it more of a fall dress because of the colors and longer sleeves. Plus, it looks great with tights and boots. At the end of the night, it went into my donate pile. (I have slowly started cleaning out my closet so I have a small but growing pile of clothes I no longer wear.) I bought this dress several years ago at little boutique in Dallas and have always loved it, but on Sunday I realized it just wasn’t me anymore. It just felt short and a little tight and just like I was too old for it. I told my husband I felt like a hooker in it. He just gave me a weird look when I said that. And I certainly don’t feel old or have any issues with my age, but it definitely felt like a dress a 23-year-old might wear for a night out at the bars. And that’s just not really me anymore. So the dress just really isn’t me anymore.

So good-bye cute little going-out, figure-hugging dress. It’s the first thing that has gone into the pile that I’m sad to see go (although I haven’t even made it halfway through my closet clean-out yet so I’m sure there will be other sad moments), but I have to be honest with myself. There is just not enough closet space to be filled up with things I’m not going to wear anymore.

What clothing have you parted with that you were sad to see go?

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