I’ve recently become enamored with Kate Spade, specifically the clothing line. I’ve always been a Kate Spade fan – I received an authentic Kate Spade purse as a high school graduation present and LOVED it. Now, I follow the brand on Twitter and love their tweets. To me, Kate Spade is girly and whimsical, but also bold and current. Unfortunately, most of their clothing is out of my price range, but I can love from afar. I especially love the way they mix colors.

Kate Spade Tweed Malerie jacket

This jacket is absolutely divine. It was love at first sight. I love the mix of the bright yellow – it’s bold and daring but works so well. I may actually have to save up for this.

Kate Spade Riley dress

This dress is a classic, feminine dress – perfect for work. I love the mix of the pink tights and leopard shoes. It’s certainly not a combination that I would have come up with my own but it’s fabulous.

Kate Spade Luna dress

What I love here is the bold black tights and yellow shoes.

So even though I can’t realistically afford these pieces (without racking up credit card debt, which I try to avoid), perhaps I will use this as my inspiration to be bolder with my choice of color. For some, these color combos may be over the top, but I just might have the confidence to pull it off.

What do you think of Kate Spade’s clothing? Would you wear these color combos?

All images courtesy of katespade.com.