is a look I love. It’s classic and chic yet current and oh-so-fall. I want to rock this look. And I have tried. But I’ve come to the realization lately that I’m breaking the #1 fashion rule that I believe in: dress for your body. It seems so obvious and, frankly, so easy. But it’s clearly not.

I purchased my first pair of skinny jeans last year just after my wedding. As most brides can attest, I was in really good shape. I had spent the 3 months leading up to my wedding going to a boot camp three times a week and sticking to a healthy eating plan. Knowing you are going to walk down the aisle in front of 200+ people is great fitness motivation. So I was able to make this look work for me for a while.

Fast forward to fall a year later: my skinny jeans just don’t look good on me now. I know what the culprit is but it’s not so easy to put in black and white. So I tried an alternative. I bought a pair of straight-leg jeans from Ann Taylor. I liked the way they fit me and I convinced myself that they were slim enough that I could tuck them into boots. They’re not. It doesn’t work. And now I find myself with a pair of straight-leg jeans that I’m not quite sure how to style.

So I need to be honest with myself and dress for my body. I need to be proud of the fact that I can pull off this look:

Or this look:

It will make getting dressed so much easier than forcing something that doesn’t work. And I’ll feel better about me.

Is there a look that you love but doesn’t work for your body type? What fit/style/look flatters you the most?

All images pulled from, because they are one of my favorite stores and I love the way they style their pieces.