Like most American women, I am enamored with the new Duchess of Cambridge. Her style is impeccable and she certainly portrays herself as classy and polite. Any dress or designer that she wears goes flying off the shelves minutes after her pictures hit the web. I’ve recently read that pantyhose companies are hoping to hop on the Kate Middleton trend train as well, as Kate is often shown wearing nude or black hose.

From a business perspective, it’s certainly smart for hose companies to capitalize on the world’s favorite new fashion icon to hopefully inject new life into their product. However, I don’t think hose are going to take off like the rest of Kate’s style.

I don’t own a pair of pantyhose – I have several pairs of opaque tights in my wardrobe specifically for this time of year, but no pantyhose. And I think that’s the case for most younger women these days. Considering she is a princess and is performing royal international duties daily, I think wearing pantyhose is perfectly acceptable. But for the modern woman living an everyday life, I just don’t see it happening. In any other setting (and I have yet to find myself in a royal setting) they still just seem old and outdated. They are not warm enough in the winter and they are definitely the last thing we want on our bodies in 100 degree summer heat.

Maybe pantyhose companies will prove me wrong. I’m not quite sure what sort of twist they could create to make hose trendy and fresh again, but we’ll see.

Do you ever wear true pantyhose? Do you think this trend will take off, thanks to the lovely Duchess?