I braved the mall today to do a teensy bit of shopping. It’s already starting to feel like Christmas – the mall was packed. I’m trying to be a little more cost-conscious this year, so I didn’t spend a lot of time. I focused on the two gifts that I needed to purchase now (not Christmas gifts) and then did a little browsing.

I stopped into Fossil after seeing a purse in the window that caught my eye.

Fossil Maddox satchel

Oh my goodness, I instantly fell in love with this purse. I don’t usually go into Fossil, so this was quite a surprise. I love the shape and structure and am a complete fool for anything shimmery. The Fossil website describes this as a “shimmery metallic suede” – it’s a subtle metallic, not in your face. And I have to say, at $198, it’s pretty reasonable as far as purses go these days. Love this. Must find a way to get this. (I have a hard time buying for myself during the holidays because I try to be smart with money and really love buying gifts for others, so this is probably just a pipe-dream.)

I also stopped into JCrew. I love the way JCrew styles their clothes. I find their pieces to be fresh, modern and a good mix of trendy and classic, and also just a little outside of my comfort zone. However, that appeals to me more and more because I feel very blase about most of my current wardrobe. Apparently it needs a good jolt of energy and JCrew might be the right place for me now. I think a JCrew gift card may make it’s way onto my Christmas wish list this year.

The coats in JCrew really stood out to me today. There was a bright yellow, not quite sunshine-y but also not too mustard, and also a gorgeous cobalt blue one.

JCrew coat

I’m not totally sure this is the exact coat I saw today, but it just gives you a great idea of color and style. (It’s a bit reminiscent of Kate Middleton’s style, isn’t it?) At $325, it’s a bit on the high end, but a good coat can last for years.

So tell me…have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Have you stumbled on any unexpected surprises that stole your heart while doing so?

Purse image from Fossil.com and coat image from JCrew.com.