I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it on this blog several times, but I am loving JCrew lately. Their clothes are a fresh twist on classic and their styling is unique and impeccable. Browsing through their catalog is fashion eye candy for me. If I lived in a make-believe world where money was unlimited, I would spend hours in there buying every piece of clothing and styling it exactly the way they do.

But in the real world, especially this time of year, I’m saving my pennies to buy gifts for my loved ones. So while flipping through the catalog a few nights ago, I decided to venture into my closet to see what I owned to create my own JCrew-inspired look. And lo and behold…

I’ve had all of these pieces for sometime now, and although this outfit doesn’t quite have the color and pattern mixing that they do, I thought it was a pretty good representation. I felt great in it. To keep it even more current, I paired it with my chunky loafers that my fabulous, generous mom bought for me recently:

So maybe I’m a fashion copycat, but this was a great reminder to use what I already have to emulate looks that inspire me. Easy and free.

Have you come up with creative new combinations from clothes already in your closet lately?