In addition to my love of fashion and style, I am a beauty junkie. I love skin care and cosmetics, specifically eye shadow. Nail polish is a close second. For Christmas, one of my best friends (who clearly knows me very well) gave me an eye shadow palette.

Naked Eye Palette by Too Faced

The funny thing is, I saw this exact palette in Sephora while Christmas shopping with my mom and thought, “Ooooh, I would love this. What a great gift idea.” Well, Leslie read my mind and I opened the gift last night. Of course I used it this morning. It is made up of nine versatile colors.

That picture is not a great representation of the colors. They are all more in the pearl/taupe/champagne/brown family – no teal or navy. (I never claimed to be a photographer, so bear with me.) Trust me when I say they are versatile, wearable colors. What’s really unique about this palette is that it comes with three little cards that feature instructions on how to create different looks with specific colors.

The different “looks” are Day, Fashion and Classic. This is a fantastic added benefit for those who don’t feel comfortable creating color combinations, or just to give your brain a rest during your morning routine. I tried the Day look today and loved it. Too Faced offers a variety of these palettes, in themes including Natural at Night, Matte Eye Palette, Natural Eye Collection, Smoky Eye Collection and Romantic Eye Collection. Keep this in mind next time you’re treating yourself or a friend to some new make-up.

Did you get any make-up or skin care for Christmas?

Also, 10 points if the title of this post makes you start singing “Naked Eye” by Luscious Jackson from the ’90s. I’m singing it in my head right now.