Oh, technology, how you mock me. I had a post all written and somehow before publishing, all of my content just disappeared. That. Is. Maddening. Okay, moving on, taking deep breaths and just re-writing.

Happy 2012! I have spent the last few days being lazy, mostly laying around reading The Hunger Games and loving it, as all my friends said I would. I’ve barely even gotten dressed or put on make-up; hence the non-fashion-related post. After a busy few weeks of the holiday hustle and bustle, it was nice to just take a break. And I actually feel refreshed and motivated to tackle some things on the to-do list tomorrow: put away Christmas tree, lights and all other holiday decor. Find a home for new Christmas gifts. Do some laundry. Write some thank-you notes.

While preparing my mental to-do list, I came up with an additional New Year’s resolution: tackle one organizational/home project a month. I typically overwhelm myself into paralysis when thinking of all the bigger things I need to do around the house, so I’ve decided to take on one project a month. It seems so much more manageable that way. For January, I am going to clean out closets! I’m only focusing on closets that house clothes (as opposed to linen closets or storage in the laundry room), which gives me 4 to tackle: our master closet, the guest room closet, the study closet and the hall closet. So hopefully this:

will eventually look like this:

Super organized closet courtesy of Pinterest

Have you made your 2012 resolutions? Or do you prefer to make resolutions anytime? I actually fall under that school of thought, but love to start a new year with some defined goals.