Yesterday, my last day off before I had to go back to the real world, I spent some time perusing Pinterest. It’s certainly my favorite online timesuck. While sorting through the fashion and style pictures, I noticed that I was particularly drawn to stripes and immediately vowed to add more striped pieces to my wardrobe (noted for my next shopping trip). So last night before going to sleep, I skimmed my closet to get an outfit idea for today and came up with this:

None of these are new pieces, and this certainly isn’t edgy or fashion-forward, but it was a new classically chic outfit pulled straight from my closet. I typically pair this tank (black and white stripes with gray and silver detailing) with black pants and a gray cardi. Boring and exptected, no? So today I injected it with a shot of color. It was definitely out of my comfort zone and I liked it. Plus, I love finding ways to make non-work clothing suddenly work appropriate!

Obviously, since it’s a tank top, I would never wear it to the office. But with a bold green cardigan belted over it, no one was any wiser.

And as much as I love cardigans, I sometimes worry that they veer towards frumpy, so I belted it and added some new, chunky jewelry to keep the look young.

New Sandra Ling bracelets, a Christmas gift from my loving hubby. These are kind of a “thing” in my family and have really become a signature item of mine, so I’m slowly amassing a collection of different colors and stones.

Wearing a “new” outfit for free was a great way to start back to work.

Have you eased back into work yet? Done any shopping in your closet lately?