Well, I finally did it. After a few weeks of being lazy (hence the blogging hiatus) I cleaned out my closet. It is amazing the immediate effect that it has. I feel like I have all new clothes, even though everything in my closet has been in there for several months, if not years. The pieces I kept are the pieces that I wear the most. Instead of feeling like I have nothing new, I feel like everything is new. Being able to see every item coordinated by color makes outfit possibilities seem endless.

My top rack is where I keep all my tops. It went from this:

to this:

I even had room to move some of my jackets from the back middle rack to this rack. I wear my jackets more than just pieces of outerwear; they change up any outfit, so I like having them with my everyday clothes.

My back middle rack is where I hang my dresses. It went from this:

to this:

I feel inspired now when I walk into my closet. It’s amazing what a little chore can do to make each day so much brighter. Now what will I wear tomorrow……

I have no idea if you can really tell a difference in these pics, but believe me, in person it’s a transformation!