Today was one of those weird weather days. There was a chance of rain, so I made sure to have an umbrella with me. (It never actually rained in my area, but there was a dark, menacing cloud in the sky on my way home.) I love having cute umbrellas and treat them as an accessory. I have two that I love. One is a black and white hounds-tooth print and the other is a combo of yellow, navy and white in a cute pattern. My navy, yellow and white umbrella is currently lost. I know it’s in the house somewhere, I just have to keep hunting. So I made sure to put the hounds-tooth umbrella in my purse.

I realize that umbrellas serve a more functional purpose, but I feel like a cute umbrella is a bonus accessory. Plus, they make great gifts – my yellow, navy and white one was a gift from Leslie, owner of Dress Shop. There are so many options today that you can find one to fit your style perfectly. I perused the web for just 5 minutes and found 3 that are cute and affordable:

This “Futai Tina T Argyle” print umbrella can be found at Target for just $19.99. Argyle is a classic print and looks current with the popularity right now of graphic prints.


I found this “totes Morocco Slender ‘brella” on the Totes website. It’s just $20. The pattern is bold but the colors are muted and sophisticated enough to keep this from being flashy.


This pocket umbrella from JCrew is the perfect spin on animal print – the black, white and brown keeps it classic. It’s also a steal at just $26.50.

Do you have a cute umbrella? If not, what color and/or pattern would you love to have to top off your style?