I’ve been in a negative funk lately about some personal aspects of my life. It’s not worth discussing, but I will say that I’m so blessed to have a husband who is supportive and such a great listener. He lets me vent, almost on a nightly basis, and listens patiently and tries to provide advice. What’s so frustrating is that when something of this magnitude bothers me, the negativity seeps into other areas of my life. It’s so much easier to spiral into that then to stay focused on all the positive things.

For instance, I enjoyed another great work-out at The Bar Method today. It was definitely a kick-you-in-the-butt type of work-out, but I loved it and always feel so good when I leave. After dinner, my husband and I watched a video of me and I was appalled at how I looked in the video. It was evident throughout the whole video that everything was distorted – squatty and wide. So rationally I knew that it was an optical illusion, but it was such a punch in the stomach to watch myself looking 9 months pregnant. And I’m not at all pregnant.

Naturally, that video has spiraled me back into negativity again. And I’m trying hard to climb out of that hole and focus on good things, even little things, like this cute little face that stared back at me while I was catching up on HGTV Design Star.

My chubby and adorably spoiled English Bulldog, Zoey

It’s hard not to smile when I look at the cute, wrinkly face and that chubby body. She’s a good reminder to not let one negative or unhappy thing pull you down. I need to focus on the little moments that make everything worth it.

How do you pull yourself out of a funk? What little moments have made you smile lately?