I love accessories and firmly believe that a statement necklace can make an outfit. You can wear them with just about anything in any situation. Adding a statement necklace to a suit expresses your personality and confidence. Pop one on with a classic tee, jeans and flats for an upgraded casual look. The statement necklace broke into the style scene several years ago, and has morphed from a trend to a classic accessory.

Most of my statement necklaces fall in the “metal” colors – they are either all gold, or all silver or a mix of one of those with lucite or other textures. I have been trying to incorporate more colorful jewelry into my wardrobe. If I were adding some more statement necklaces to my collection – and although I always want to be adding more clothes, handbags, accessories and shoes to my life, I’m trying to make more thoughtful purchases and fill holes in my wardrobe – I would definitely snatch up these two:

kate spade new york “paisley park” necklace – $178 at Nordstrom


Bubble Necklace – $150 from JCrew

This one comes in a variety of colors other than “azalea pink” – turquoise, black, navy, white and a bright yellow.

Although these necklaces aren’t cheap, I typically find that when I buy a piece of jewelry that’s this unique, I wear it constantly. So I always get my money’s worth.

Do you wear statement necklaces? Have you been eyeing any to add to your collection lately?