I saw this on one of the many blogs I read daily and am stealing it. After a Monday back at work after a full week of vacation, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things and my mind has been blank all day on a fun blog topic. So here you go. Plus, it’s always important to cherish the small things.

The Small Things – A-Z

A: almond butter – YUM! I can’t get enough.

B: Brett – my hubby. He makes everyday better.

C: champagne – I went to a happy hour tonight and enjoyed the bubbly.

D: dresses – easy to wear and always flattering.

E: eggs – one of my favorite foods and oh-so-healthy.

F: family – I just love my fam and enjoyed spending time with them last week.

G: girlfriends – no explanation needed

H: house – okay, so maybe this isn’t a small thing, but I love our house and after living here 2.5 years, it really feels like it’s ours. Plus, we take for granted that we have a safe, secure shelter over our heads every night.

I: Internet – because, let’s face it, we live in the online world

J: jewelry – I love to accessorize

K: Kate Spade – still loving her line.

L: lazy – let’s face it, I enjoy being lazy

M: macaroni & cheese – YUMMMMMMMMM

N: nail polish – I’ve been thinking about adding a minty green-teal color to my collection, so that will probably happen soon.

O: orange – one of my favorite summer colors

P: Pirate’s Booty – so yummy! I enjoyed it alongside my whole wheat bagel thin smeared with almond butter for dinner tonight

Q: quiet – I appreciate living in a quiet suburb

R: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – my absolute favorite candy

S: spinning – my Tuesday/Thursday a.m. workout – I love the sense of accomplishment I get from this

T: The Bar Method – I have already professed my love for this (side note: S & T necessary because of my immense love of R ;))

U: umbrella – because it’s a stylish, functional accessory

V: vase – I love a clear, chunky vase – such a statement piece

W: wine – no explanation needed. (Coincidentally, girlfriends and wine go well together, and no explanation is needed for either.)

X: XM radio – although, technically, we subscribe to Sirius, but since they are one in the same now, it counts.

Y: yard – I love our yard

Z: Zoey, of course!

What are some of the small things you appreciate in life?