Fall is my favorite time of year, so with fall fashions hitting stores, I have an overwhelming urge to shop. Add that to the fact that I don’t like 50% of what’s in my closet anymore and I feel like my debit card is burning a hole in my wallet. So today I decided to take a lunch break and do some quick shopping. I was indecisive about where I wanted to go and convinced myself that I should go somewhere other than my standby stores (i.e. Banana Republic, Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Loft, Nordstrom). So I drove to Dillard’s. I’ve had some luck with the Antonio Melani line at Dillard’s in the past and was actually wearing a dress from there today.

Sorry, I know it’s not the best picture – blame my phone. Anyway, I love this dress. It’s flattering and the color is great, so I was hoping to find another gem at Dillard’s today.

I browsed the Antonio Melani section for a bit and went to the dressing room with about 6 or 7 items. And….no luck. It was pretty disappointing. I wasn’t in love with anything I picked up in the first place and nothing fit right. I always try to be honest with myself when shopping and pick up my size. I wish I could say I breeze in and pick up a bunch of size 4’s that fit perfecty, but that’s just not my life. And I’m always working on accepting my body for what it is. So I tried on several dresses and a pair of pants in my size and nothing fit. Mostly they were too big, but not in the “ooooh, I’ve lost weight, I need to go down a size” way. They just weren’t right for my body and just overwhelmed my 5’2″ frame.

So it was a bust and I was disappointed. On the bright side, I guess my bank account is happy.

Although I will certainly continue to frequent my favorite clothing stores, I don’t want this to deter me from getting out of my comfort zone and trying new stores.

What are your favorite places to shop? Do you often deviate and try new stores or do you stick to the tried-and-true that work for you?