Teal-Blue-Green Tuesday, Aug 21 2012 

One of my favorite things about fall is the color palette, not just in fashion but in nature. I love the rich, deep, saturated hues. For fall fashion, oxblood is supposed to be THE color. Basically, it’s burgundy with a fancy new name. 😉

I’m still not sure how I feel about oxblood, but I am loving anything in the teal/blue-green/deep blue range. I clicked over to Nordstrom just now to see if they were showing anything in this color, and what do you know, they have a whole section devoted to blue dresses for fall. Sign me up! Besides being on the blue bandwagon, I love, love, love dresses. They are easy and versatile, and when you find the shape that fits your body best, they tend to be the most flattering piece in your closet. Browsing the blue dress section at Nordstrom, I found quite a few that would be a great fit for any closet. For the most part they are reasonably priced and would work well for work as well as church, cocktail parties or any other event where you want to look polished.

And if I had the funds and really started working my quality vs quantity view, I would love to add this to my closet:

These dresses can all be paired with tights and blazers for when the temps drop and would work with boots or pumps. I think gray is a great, unexpected neutral to pair with these.

What are your thoughts on the teal/blue/green color for fall? What’s your favorite fall color, either in nature or fashion?

All images from Nordstrom.com.


Seeing Spots Tuesday, Aug 14 2012 

As I mentioned yesterday, I love fall. Fall clothing is by far my favorite and if I lived in a cooler climate, I would dress for fall year-round. Since fall fashions are starting to drop in stores, I thought it would be fun to detail some of the fall trends. Every season is rife with new trends and it’s rare that any one person adopts all the trends. (And frankly, that should stay rare. :)) So I’m going to dedicate a post to each of the fall trends that I’m loving, one by one.

The first trend that I noticed recently, especially in my most recent JCrew catalog, was polka-dots. Polka-dots can look young and frilly, but JCrew is showing them in a fresh way. Their take is definitely classically chic. Here are a few pieces from JCrew that I would consider adding to my fall wardrobe:

This dress is what really caught my eye and made me think: “I need more polka dots in my wardrobe!” I love how it feels ladylike and polished, yet very current.

I’ve been obsessing over tie-neck blouses for sometime now. They give off a very chic, polished, woman-in-charge feel, but with a bit of softness. I think it’s a little reminiscent of the Mad Men-era wardrobe that’s been so hot the last few seasons.

I especially love that this skirt is A-line. The full skirt has definitely taken a back seat in recent years to the tailored pencil skirt. While I love the polish and style of a pencil skirt, it’s not the best fit for everyone. I have a small waist and curvy hips, so I’ve never found a pencil skirt I feel comfortable in. And I’m not interested in accentuating my “junk in the trunk” a la Kim Kardashian.

If the tiny polka-dots still feel a little too prim and proper for you, JCrew also offers an exaggerated style.

Whenever I get around to shopping for fall, I will definitely be trying on some of these items. Hopefully, at least one sticks and I can add some spots to my closet. What do you think of the polka-dot trend?

All images pulled from JCrew.com.