I had a conversation with with my best friend this weekend about a sequin top for a night on the town and whether it was age-appropriate. My answer to her was yes. Sequins have always been acceptable at night. Her question formed around the fact that her friends were going to a fun restaurant, but nothing super glitzy and glam. Designers have really improved sequins over the years and made them more subtle and more wearable. My friend was pairing hers with jeans, so my answer was still a yes.

I think an even bigger conundrum with sequins is whether to wear them during the day, specifically at work. First, you have to gauge the actual dress code at your office (actual meaning what people really wear as opposed to what’s written in the formal handbook). If your office environment is uber-conservative or dressier than business casual, I think sequins are a no-go. But if you work in a creative environment or some place that’s more business casual, I think you can pull off the look. I did a quick browse on ShopStyle.com and found some sequin tops that I think are work-appropriate.

I think this last one is probably the most versatile because it’s not covered in sequins and upon a zoom-in, they look more like beads than sparkly, shiny sequins. The key to any of these tops is layering – wear them under a blazer or cardigan so that they don’t scream for attention. Keep your bottom and top layer on the simpler side to tone down the sequins. And keep jewelry to a minimum.

Sequins are a great way to add some pop and texture to your outfit. Plus, when paired well, it’s a subtle way to stand out.

What do you think? Would you dare wear sequins to work?

All images pulled from ShopStyle.com and confirmed on the specific retailer’s website.